Monday, July 30, 2007

Sunny skies & Sultry smackers

Living in the tropics, we only know of two seasons; winter and summer, those transitional seasons spring and autumn just don’t exist in these parts.

I’m so happy to announce that summer has officially made her debut in this part of the world over this past weekend, with glorious temps of +29 degrees Celsius. Some “spring” cleaning needs to be done, wardrobes need to revising, legs need to be waxed to perfection, ah yes, summer is here my friends J

My weekend was mellow, spent the better half of Saturday getting my hair braided a ritual I haven’t undertaken since my varsity days. I sat on my ass for SIX hours, which is a relatively short time for such things. My hair now looks fabulous, the only drawback from the whole business is that I suffered from severe butt cramp in my left cheek which had me walking funny for a bit My remedy was to “walk it out, walk it out.”

With my new found confidence, that only fabulous hair can give you, I decided to test the limits of my bravery, take the bulls by the horns and watch Dreamgirls. I roped onne of my guy-pals to watch it with me and although he obliged, I could tell he wasn’t too pleased (he looked like a lamb being led to the slaughter).

The movie wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be; Yes, there were moments the cast members would launch into unnecessary bouts of song, and yes, Beyonce’s acting was as wooden as an Acacia tree on a warm summer’s day, but it still hadn’t come to the worst case scenario I had conjured up in my mind. At the end of the evening, my guy-pal bade a hasty retreat, poor lad, I however, forged ahead alone and watched The Queen, which was brilliant and explained why Helen Mirren won all those awards for it.

However, both those movies had nothing on the one I watched last night, “Stomp the Yard”. It was more dance than movie, had a very predictable storyline, and did not have the most profound dialogue…but all that didn’t matter!

Ten minutes into the movie I was SMITTEN with the lead actor, Columbus Short.

Maiwe zvangu, what I would give for 5mins alone with him *dirty chuckle*. The dancing was great, the energy was contagious but all that was eclipsed by the geometrically perfect curve of Columbus’s top lip *sigh*.


Anita said...

Nooooooo don't say that summer is there - we haven't even had one - means winter is on the way for us :(

Vimbai said...

With global warming doing its funny tricks, you may have your "summer" a little longer...but i wouldn't hold your breath!

Anonymous said...

Hope you bring the sun - G&T's all round on the weekend xx

Vimbai said...

It's on! Eish, i am hoping for a repeat of mojitos by Primi's Rosebank!