Friday, July 27, 2007

Say What?!?!

Ever been caught singing the wrong lyrics to a song out loud? I have, on too many occasions to count.

There’s really no excuse nowadays to sing incorrect lyrics what with many websites like A-Z lyrics dedicated to ensuring you never distort another song again.

It wasn’t that long ago that it was near impossible to get song lyrics. This was clearly before the world wide web was so accessible (yes, think that way back), before iPods, mp3’s even CD’s where around.

Those were the days when all you had were your good ear to tell you (read: guess) what the artist was singing, as you hastily scribbled away whilst rewinding and fast forwarding till you had the whole song down. Back then music was up for interpretation, more like “corruption” really.

Quite a few song/lyric misinterpretations I have committed over the years come to mind, but I’ll share only one with you today for chuckles sake. If I disclose all of them, I will surely lose face on this blog!

Vim’s Interpretation: “To me you’re like a roller-dictionary-personal” Seal’s ‘Kiss from a Rose’
Actual Lyrics: “To me you’re like a growing addiction I can’t repel.”

Can’t help laughing at that musical faux-pas, its hilarious mate. If you sing my version really quickly it sounds exactly the same…promise :-)

Please share any of your song/lyric misinterpretations with me in the comments!

Have a great weekend!

V x


Anonymous said...

AHHHH Vimbi killah!!! Cant stop laughing!

Vimbai said...

Aiwa ka, you have to share your song/lyric chope ka!

I KNOW i am not alone in this one, hahaha

The Randomness said...

lollest....I am laughing too hard I caanot even think of any right now but believe me there were plenty. Now this is going to date a girl but what the just took me all the way back when a song book was the shiznit. I was known to have most of the lyrics and chicks (and some dudes), wanted to be friends coz of my yellow song book. They needed to lyrics to come off as cool too. Now what is killing me is that I KNOW 99% of them were sweet crap. ROFLMAO - I am still on my way to watch HP ***she does a quick budget*** (apparently blogger links are down.......holla @ your comrade ; ^ )

Vimbai said...

Lol, we ALL had a little exercise book with the lyrics written down!

i remember getting dumped in the bhundu's one holiday and my cousin had one with all the words to Karyn White's "Superwoman". Yes siree, at 8yrs old i could belt out that song like i was the one stuck in a domestic crisis, lol.

Will definitely check out your blog, couldn't access your profile earlier!