Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Same shit, different day...

Today sucks! I can’t pinpoint what the problem is exactly; there are a multitude of contributing factors here;

1. The weather is just not on! Not only is it FREEZING cold but there are some rather ominous rainclouds hovering around. I just want to get home, defrost and camp out in front of the fire *sigh*

2. Have you ever watched Groundhog Day, when Bill Murray’s character keeps waking up to the same day, every day…today feels no different from yesterday and that’s kinda worrying considering yesterday wasn’t’ so great either.

3. My iPod is messing me about…or is it my iTunes, all I know is that someone at Apple is gonna pay real soon;

4. Because I can’t change the music on my iPod coz of reasons mentioned above I can’t add some new, uplifting music. All I really have on it right now are reflective, wrist-splitting beat that are urging me closer and closer to the edge, lol;

5. My hair refuses to do what i want it to do! Aren't black women oppressed enuff without having to deal with hair gwans too. I would have been sporting a zuda (bald head) ages ago if it wasn't for one small problem...i have corners on my head, lol;

6. Did I mention I am feeling really, really cold and no amount of layering of clothes seems to be helping.

The monotonous repetition day in and day out at work this week, followed by rather morose winter weather, hair with a mind of its own and technological gadgets getting prima-donna on my ass, has all done me in. I surrender myself to the universe.

The only light at the end of the tunnel?

The novel I am reading right now called “Spud” by John van de Ruit = brilliance, pure brilliance. I haven’t laughed that hard over a book since…well let’s just say, its been a LONG while. I can’t praise it enough, it definitely makes my Top 5 book list.


Anonymous said...

2 more sleeps then I am home!!
The W

Vimbai said...


Anonymous said...

Straight - kacoolers kacho kakati pengeyi zvako. even a visit to the throne room is scary; all of you exposed like that is a scary proposition in this weather. it does not help that the system works like a rolls-royce engine when the weather is like this!!!!
as for i-pod !@#$^#!#@!# %*^^!@*.
inomboita semwana asina kurairwa.

Vimbai said...

Exposing your bits when paying a visit to the bog is one of my least favourite acts...its up there with taking your kit off before you jump into the shower/bath!

Pasi nekacoolers!