Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Pull up to my bumper bhebhe!

There I was driving to work this morning, happily dodging the potholes on the road (I actually have a name for all 22 of them on my route to and from work, lol) and blasting some dirrrty south beats.

As I was rounding into my office complex I was now seriously contemplating how unfortunate it was that Tiger Woods and I never got the chance to meet before all this married-baby business of his! We would have been great together ….him with his killer drive *swoosh*, white smile and cool $60billion in endorsements, me with my *ahem* charm :-)

As I pulled into the nearest parking bay at work I was now fully fledged in this daydream, I was now trying to figure out where exactly we would have met up, coz lets face it, the only greens I am really familiar with are the ones in my salad.

The next few seconds where a bit of a blur; I was thinking of chilling on a yacht in Monaco and the next minute all I heard was a loud, emphatic *doooof*, I had kinda pranged into the bumper of the car in the next parking bay.

I am not a bad driver, honest! I had just miscalculated my swing into the rather tight, last available parking bay. The other car was fine, my car was fine, we were all fine! I was more irritated that the minor prang had jolted me out of my Tiger Woods reverie; we had matching Pringle sweaters and everything *pout*


Anita said...

Haha - shame man - that's gotta suck. When I did my bumper I wasn't so lucky - mine was ok but the other drivers wasn't (I reversed into him). So after a costly £300 to repair his bumper I was feeling albeit rather broke (this happened last October!).

Vimbai said...

Ouch, that's a lot of money! Sorry hun that u weren't so lucky :-S

Anonymous said...

the moral of the story is stick to the greens that you know...you and Tiger humph...papi ipapo? but waingadai wawira muchakwi remari shuwa - ma freezit waitoita ekuramba ko kuzoti ma Dandy bubblegum eyellow aya aya...kuto tenga chitoro chawo chaizvo. hai mhani neniwo ndavakuto gaya kuti kungangove nemukana. work with it girl !!!

Vimbai said...

*chuckle* With 60billion the last i think on my mind would be mafreezit and yellow Dandy*, "Tiger UPGRADE ME", "i'm talking spy bags and fly pads and rooms at the Bloomberg

*Now i am craving Dandy bubblegum, the yellow one is my favourite but now they've got all these other strange flavours like banana????