Thursday, July 12, 2007

Erase & Rewind

For the last 48hrs my life has been playing out like that song from The Cardigans, "Erase & Rewind."

Any firm ideas and opinions i've held about Life, Love and Laxatives (okay, not Laxatives, just like that word coz it rhymes) has all come undone...i've come undone.

It's like staring at the vast canvas that is your life and realising all your frantic scribbles and notes have been erased and you have to start from scratch....argh.

What has brought about this erratic behaviour?? Hell, i don't know but if anyone else trys to point out that Mercury has gone retrograde lets just say MY chief export will be pain!

"Yes, I said it's fine before
But I don't think so no more
I said it's fine before
I've changed my mind
I take it back
Erase and rewind'
cause I've been changing my mind"
Erase & Rewind - The Cardigan

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