Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Keep swimming, swimming, swimming...

So i have this huge exam in T-minus 72hrs and i am losing momentum and motivation fast! How the hell do you trick yourself that the stuff you are reading for the 100th time is fresh, new and exciting!

All i keep thinking is, "Can this be over with already... please!"

I've been creative with my motivation techniques from the simplest form; no icecream/tv until i finish this 100pg chapter to the more screwing-with-your-pysche techniques; Imagining myself unable to afford anything while watching my peers driving off into the sunset in their Maserati's (car model is subject to change depending on how hard i want to hit the message home).

Oh, there is one last technique i haven't tried, visual simulation:

Isn't she pretty...okay, back to the books!

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