Tuesday, June 26, 2007

If you get the chance, you must DANCE!

In the sanctity of my bedroom, I am the world’s greatest dancer, having no competition kinda helps me claim that title.

There is nothing like find that track, you know the one. I found mine thanks to Mr Internet, all hail the world wide web, this track is the theme song from the reality dance show (how fitting) Dancelife.

It is my current raison d’etre, I am actually waiting to get called out by my workmates for my crazed chair-shuffling/head bopping/flaying of the arms which is my version of constrained dancing.

DOWN with open plan offices!

The late 80’s/ early 90’s were heaven with movies like Breakdance, The Movie 1, 2 AND 3 (Thabs u feel me!) and Dirty Dancing! I wore legwarmers to emulate the cast of Fame, perfected the “splits” and was a pro when it came to the Running Man.

My love for dance helped me ignore the smothered laughs and sniggers of my friends when I joined the ballroom dancing club in varsity, I knew I was committing social suicide, but I just had to dance! Even now, a good music video in my opinion is one with loads of spectacular dancing.

Still, there are some cold hard truths that not even I can deny, *gulp* - “I am not a great dancer.” Don’t get me wrong, I am pretty coordinated, can keep in time with any beat*** and have mastered the art of winding & grinding with the best of them. But let’s face it; I would be crucified on any competing level! That doesn’t stop me from hightailing it to the dance floor every time the beat drops, No siree Bob, for what I lack in technique I sure make up in enthusiasm.

“If it takes away the pain it's all right
We're livin so hard you might not make it through tonight
follow the bright lights
they might change you
if you get lost along the way it's all right

we'll find another way to dance
we'll find another way to dance
if you get the chance
you must dance dance dance”

Young Love – “Find a new way

*** There is sadly one beat that leaves me baffled on the dancefloor, Yung Joc's "It's going down" - i am offbeat every freaking time!


Paula D. said...

Haaaaaa! Girl, get your dance on any way you can. That was funny :-)

Vimbai said...

Thanks,lol, i am still on a dancing rampage!

Anonymous said...

jive ndizvo.
still get tickled insane when i watch those Museve music videos of old and i see John Chibadura, Chibhodoro, Jonah Moyo et. al doing their thing as the beat "changes gear" and makes a bee-line for a shattering crescendo. I feel you about dance. Form, tact and technic matter not - we do not dance with our bodies it is our souls that get lost to the music...offbeat may foot stuck in a jam jar @#@%#%@...my soul is forever in tune!!!!

Vimbai said...

Those mvengemvenge type beats were and are the ONE! I perfected those dance moves too, right now my "Borrowdale" is lekker.

The high-pitched electric guitar and the shattering crescendo that follows is the standard formula for most zim beats, you gotta love it.

As for the "foot stuck in a jam jar" comment - i got a visual and cant stop laughing!

Anonymous said...

get your groove on gal, i dance to get me bodied "patching the weaves" and all, in my room. Its a good way to destress and exercise so viva bedroom dancing....

Vimbai said...

Oh-oh-oh-oh! "Get me bodied" is a crazy video,one of my current favourites.

Sadly, given my height there is no way i am ever gonna flex down to the ground like that...but it doesnt hurt trying :-)