Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Fits & False Alarms

Whenever I do those personality/fun-type quizzes that ask you how you’d react in a time of crisis, I always confidently select the option that sounds closest to this, “I am super cool and clear-headed when trouble is on the horizon.”

I always thought that when shit hit the fan, I was one of those cool, dependable types. What I had confused as serenity in times of strife, was actually the calm before the storm. Last nights drama shed-light on my not-so-super-cool mannerisms.

There I was about to leave the house to grab a few drinks with the boys when I went through my usual mental checklist; “Keys…check!, Phone…check, cash in wallet…mmmmh, where is my wallet, no problem, probably in my room.” I traipsed back to my room with images of the alcoholic concoctions that awaited me.

Five minutes and a blood-curdling cry later, I was found, by my rather nonchalant sibling, in a heap on the floor sobbing and mumbling, “why me.” (Yes, I am prone to theatrical episodes, but losing ones wallet is one of the most weakening things EVER, so I was justified to have a fit - that’s my story and I’m sticking to it).

My sibling, well trained in the art of ignoring my “episodes” proceeded to help me turn my room and all subsequent rooms, upside down. Alas, my wallet was nowhere to be found. As I retired to bed in defeat at a record-breaking 8pm, after notifying some friends of my demise, many thoughts were whirling in my head;

1) How I was NOT looking forward to having to deal with a gazillion civil servants to get a new ID and drivers license;
2) How I was missing out on a whole lot of booze!;
3) How i should call in a few favours from St Anthony, this situation is right up his alley;
4) Was the elephant who had unwilling donated his hide to the making of my two-day old wallet trying to say something to me?; and,
5) The age old lament, “why me…*sniff sniff*….why me.”

This morning I trudged into work, still in mourning about to check my mail when I opened my desk drawer and lo & behold, guess what was staring back at me, Nelly the wallet*

I sheepishly made a few calls to notify those close that Nelly had been found and all was well once again.

*ahem* My name is Vimbai, and I am NOT cool and calm in a crisis.”

* I have a habit of naming all inanimate objects I own, bite me!


Anonymous said...

Silly moo
Now where did you get the hair brained idea that you are calm in a crisis - we have seen you in action.
Glad Nelly is back in the fold where she belongs.
Wazzie xxx

The Randomness said...

Lol you funny as all hell girl. Luvs it!!

Vimbai said...

Glad you were amused, in hindsight its kinda funny now, lol