Friday, May 25, 2007

To Africa with Love

Today marks Africa Day, a day dedicated to celebrating Africa and all things African. As always, what I would like to say has already been more eloquently put by someone else, hehehe.
I would like to share with you an excerpt from Thabo Mbeki’s speech “I am an African” as it sums up the love, the loyalty and the pride I have for this continent!

I am an African.

I am born of the peoples of the continent of Africa.
Whatever the setbacks of the moment, nothing can stop us now!
Whatever the difficulties, Africa shall be at peace!
However improbable it may sound to the sceptics, Africa will prosper!

Whoever we may be, whatever our immediate interest, however much we carry baggage from our past, however much we have been caught by the fashion of cynicism and loss of faith in the capacity of the people, let us err today and say - nothing can stop us now!”

Today it feels good to be an African!

For the full speech click here


Takunda said...

sha vims, why dont u change the name of your blog to vims favourite quotes, or vims lit review!
"Honestly, this blog is for venting purposes and is a place where i can release pent-up creative energy. So expect a lot of random blog posts "-lk at ur last 3 posts-u put up peoples stuff, and a few lines on urself!how creative do u have to be to google, cut and paste!

Anonymous said...

geez takunda who died and made you editor other peoples blogs. asi chii nai??

The Randomness said...

I disagree. I love this. I am an African whose chest thumps with pride. I am not int the homeland as of now because I am taking what they took. I shall be back when I am Herby Fully Loaded....i e when they have put me through PhD level. In the interim, I ma rely on Vimbai to keep me tuned in do your thing mami - cutting, pasting or whatev!

Vimbai said...

W: Much love sista!

The Randomness: Take 'em for all they've got and come back home to build your empire :-)