Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I. HEART. Cyanide & Happiness

I woke up this morning with the random need to hear Tevin Campbell’s song “I’m ready”…don’t ask, my sub-concious works in weird ways! Unfortunately I will have to wait another *does quick calculation* 7hrs before I can get home and download his tracks from the Net. Mr Campbell was the object of many a pre-pubescent fantasy of mine…well before I found out that he now bats for the other team, what can I say, “another man down!”.

On the topic of random things, my lovely friend Star has encouraged my growing addiction to the comic strip, Cyanide and Happiness. This comic strip has me in tears its just so funny. If you’re looking for strait-laced ha-ha type comedy, then it may not be for you. Cyanide and Happiness doles out rather non-PC, cynical, black comedy-ish type humour…the very best in my opinion.

Let me give you a sneak preview if you don’t already know what I’m talking about (click on the link for more):

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

Let me know what you think!


lebo said...

Cyanide & Happiness is some other ish. As much as I hate to admit it (because Star's been clogging my inbox too) I do enjoy most of it. It's the height of random-ness, & I can't help but appreciate that.


Bertrand Russell:

The happiness that is genuinely satisfying is accompanied by the fullest exercise of our faculties and the fullest realization of the world in which we live.I have liked your blog. I will come again to your site. Keep it up!

Vimbai said...

Hey Roger, thanks for stopping by! Hope to see more of your feedback :-)