Tuesday, April 10, 2007

4-Day Weekend Recap

"When the sun is setting in the sky,

Everybody knows it's party time!" Gloria Estafan

Pure, unadulterated, hedonistic fun was the theme for the 4-day weekend. The true sentiment behind the weekend was not totally lost on me tho, i did reflect on "forgiveness and reconcilation", 2 major themes always present at this time of the year. However, when the sun went down, that was another story! The level of joy that was undertaken was reminiscent of December holidays!

I would love to post pictures and give you details surrounding all the revelry, but i was strongly advised not to do so...lol.

Getting back to work is painful.....just plain awful :-(


Anonymous said...

hey pumpkin - missed you over the long weekend. Infact miss you alot generally xxx See you at the end of April.

Takunda said...

show us pics!

Vimbai said...

W: Awww, miss you too honey! You'll be home soon enough!

Taku: No pictures...i swore, scouts honour and all!