Thursday, March 15, 2007

Beware the Ides of March

Now i'm not a superstitious gal, but there's something about this day that doesn't bode well!

Well after dear Caesar was taken down by his cronies my Form Four dance fell on this day. Needless to say it was a disaster, or rather my over-hyped dance date was a disaster!

Hopefully i will get through the day unscathed and this mornings near-encounter with the Garbage truck was the brunt of it.

PS Happy Birthday Bianca!


lebogang said...

Don't you worry about the ides of March - it's all hyped up for nothing. It's not like it's Friday the 13th or anything :-)
Then again, there was a time when I bought into the "Ides of March" theory. My little brother was born on this day (he's turning 19 today) and when he was younger and really irritating, I used to wish that my mother had been more weary of the Ides of March and not given birth on that day ;-)
Have a good one!

Vimbai said...

19!!! Well you little brother aint so little anymore, my brother is also an '88 baby and even when his ass is 50, he will be my baby brother.

Eish, but you were a brat, lol.

Yup, the day is over-hyped!

Crashdummie said...

err have I missed something - ides of March, what's that? Another job for wikipedia? ;)

Btw, happy b'day to Bianca from me to, whomever that is.


Vimbai said...

I will pass on your bday greeting to B :-)

My reference to Julius Caesar comes after a gruelling year of having to read the set-book for O'level English.

Quick Summary: Caesar was betrayed by his homies Brutus & Cassius when they stabbed him to death, to save The Roman Empire or some bollocks like that.

Anonymous said...

I HAVE HAD AN IDES OF MARCH DAY - everything that could go wrong did - lost caterers for my function next Friday & Sat, nearly lost the venue, had to do things my feminist friends - bloody "dubious" clients!

I pray tomorrow will be better or its Hari Kari time

W xx

Anonymous said...

William James
Do not be afraid of life. Believe that life is worth living, and your belief will help create the fact.

Sir William Osler
Nothing will sustain you more potently than the power to recognize in your humdrum routine, as perhaps it may be thought, the true poetry of life.

Anonymous said...
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Vimbai said...

Thanks for the quotes.