Monday, February 26, 2007

Weekend Highlights

Fever: *cue singing* “When you put your arms around me; I get a fever that’s so hard to bear, you give me Fever”…sadly, it was not that kinda fever, but one of the flu-y/cold kind L

Classics: This weekend I took it back…waaaaaaaaaay back! I forsake all mainstream beats and got down to the soul grooves of The Supremes, The Temptations, Marvin Gaye & the like. Honestly, there are only so many times I can hear Akon & Snoop’s tribute to strippers everywhere.

Angels & Demons: Finally…finally, like on page 130 this book gets its act together & some sort of plot appears. It reads too much like The DaVinci code at the beginning but if you stick it out, it gets better. Dan Brown clearly lives by the if-it-ain't-broke-don't-fix-it philosophy when it comes to his book writing.

Fly-Fishing: I caught the last 30mins of the most riveting show on ESPN, it was the National Fly-Fishing Championships, honestly there’s a sport for everything these days. I found myself glued to the box in morbid fascination, was almost…almost inspired to round up the troops and suggest we do some fishing, watch this spot!

Early Morning Calls: A new society was formed over the weekend, they’re called P.A.V.S.I….People Against Vimbai Sleeping-In and i scorn every member! At the ungodly hour of 5am I got a call from a good friend who shall remain nameless, many things we going through my head; Somebody dead?, Somebody drunk?, Booty-call? (hey, you never know!)? Only to answer the call and have noone on the other end, turns out my number was dialled by mistake..mmmh. The next morning my lovely Ferret was the one to blame for waking me up at 3am… having had my REM cycle disturbed I then proceeded to have a long conversation with her at 7am.

Carling Cup: My boys won, yay! Go Chelsea! My man, Jose to all y’all, looked so damn hot and delectable (that’s the fever talking, lol). Now I’m not gonna lie, I have no clue about the off-side rule although it’s been explained to me many a time and I really have no desire to ever know it. Technically, I don’t even support a team…I support Jose Mourinho (stop your sneering), wherever he goes…I go! However, after watching the game i have a few questions;

  1. Why is it so acceptable for men to be touchy-feely with eachother when playing sport. I don't buy that "camaraderie" line for one second. All that ass slapping, robust embracing,'s all very suspect!

  2. Is it mandatory that most professional soccer players should look like chiselled, Adonis type super models?

  3. Where do soccer players get their corn-rows done? Bloody nice!

Anticlimax: The cyclone was a flop, I am quite disappointed actually *pout* I wanted a thunderstorm with character, all I got where threatening clouds with sprinklings of rain…boo!

Chocolate Cake: Did you know eating too much chocolate cake can make you sick….really sick! My friends had the audacity to watch me scoff my face in silence then wag their fingers in a i-told-you-so manner when I was writhing in pain. One certain person (names omitted to protect the guilty) had the nerve to point out that Gluttony is one of the 7 Deadly Sins, ummm, thanks babe :-P

Reality Shows = Virtual Insanity: In my feverish state I caught up with my reality shows that I have a love-hate relationship with; Project Runway (I love), For Love & For Money (I hate)and MTV’s I want a Famous Famous (I abhor…more of this one later). Yup, whatever Lenten vows I had made regarding not watching TV for 40 days flew out of the window this weekend….the spirit is willing, but the flesh is oh-so weak!

Baby Love: I attended my friend’s baby’s christening/baby dedication/baptism in my feverish state. Baby Lara was a sight to behold decked out in pink and white, I’m not a baby person…I’m more a cat person than a baby person, but this baby is definitely one of my favourite people.


Anonymous said...

ferret!!! i didnt call you so early it was more of just a msg for you to see when you woke up :) lol love you

lebogang said...

Vimbai, how do you compare cats to babies? I hope you're feeling better.

Vimbai said...

Lebo: I realised this past weekend that the way people feel about babies is the way i feel about cats. If i see a cat i just wanna rush over and pick it up and cuddle it. When i see a baby, if they're little...i'm too scared to hold them and unless they are really nice, smiley babies or belong to someone i love, i couldn't really care.

Star: Lol, okay i apologise for the insensitive, sweeping statement. I actually was thinking that we need a bit of rain..make that a whole lotta rain on this side of the Limpopo.