Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Quasi-Gamer: Eat or Be Eaten...

Therein lies the underlying phrase governing all living things…..PacMan included! To think it took a simple computer game to hit home the basic premise of life…of general existence! “Hunt or be the hunted”, “prey versus predator”, yes, survival is indeed for the fittest…not to mention the most adaptable, the speediest and ultimately, the one with a bit of foresight & a sure-fire strategy.

In the short time that I have grown to know them; Inkey, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde have taught me so much about life…and myself;

1. Never underestimate the speed of your opponent;
2. Always have a plan B….;
3. Conserve your energy sources for as long as possible;
4. Study and observe your opponent, Sun Tzu style;
5. Make a wrong move and you are most likely to be find;
6. Your rivals will exploit your weaknesses;
7. Clyde is grossly underestimated;
8. I am a very sore loser!...*pout*
9. I have a bit of an aggressive streak (read: John McEnroe has nothing on me); and have this relenting need to constantly better my score – it’s making for very sleepless nites!
10. I finally get the obsession with playing computer games, I am hardly a gamer, but I now get it….

Disclaimer: The writer of this blog will not be held accountable if said-reader takes up PacMan and too gets hooked!


Anonymous said...

vim, i have just downloaded pacman and i BLAME YOU!!


Star said...

Ah, Vimbai, since when did you subscribe to the "dog eat dog" philosophy???? Where's the love??