Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Perils of Sleepwalking

*Nervous cough and throat clearing*
“Hi everyone…my name’s Vimbai…and I’m a Sleepwalker”

Okay that wasn’t bad, I have worse things to ‘fess up to…. but that will be a blog for another day…perhaps :) It seems one of my childhood habits has returned to pay me a visit, hopefully like most unwanted guests it won’t overstay its welcome! According to my maternal unit my nocturnal wanderings were quite frequent during my formative years, although not as worrying as lets say a friend of mine “she-who’ll-not-be-named” who was usually discovered having opened all the doors to the house to go outside and pick flowers in the garden (at 4am that is). No, mylate night strolls where rather tame in comparison….

In high school, as a boarder, a few incidents occurred, one notable incident involved me leaping out of my bed and professing to my dorm members that I was meeting my older sister for some swimming and bolting out of the dorm wrapped in my duvet (fire-drill style). Now this wouldn’t have been so distressing had it not been been a) 10pm at nite, b) Pissing with rain outside. Unfortunately I did not make it for my late nite swim as I "came too" while walking in the corridor, rather calmly I might add. Unlike some sleepwalkers, I tend to know what I’m doing…in a semi-conscious kinda way. This sleepwalking phenomena could also explain how I’ve sprained my ankles in my sleep over the past few years….stranger, and stranger.

So having experienced 2 such incidents in the last four weeks I was quite concerned and decided to do a bit of self-diagnosis using my trusty search engine pal, Google *cue robust trumpets tooting a victorious anthem*

According to Google, I suffer from sleepwalking because of one of the following reasons;

1) I am so over-tired that in deep REM I get restless and proceed to move around;
2) I have consumed copious amounts of alcohol before retiring for the evening(most likely perpetrator)
3) I am undergoing a life change that is either troubling me or perplexing me (ummmm, I know all about the Birds and Bees thank you very much)
4) I can’t help it, I’ve got happy feet :-).

I will make peace with my condition and pray it will disappear like a fart in the proverbial wind!

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