Thursday, February 01, 2007

Form Blazing Sword!

It's the first of the month and i thought i'd see how i'm doing with my Not-So-New Year Resolutions...

1. Ummm, my swearing isn't getting any better or worse. I've down away with the whole "oh crumbs" phrase, i sound a little too much like Hugh Grant with that one.

2. I got me a spiffy diary where i do jot everything down and i feel i am getting more done, now i know what needs to be done and in what order.

3. Mmmmh, not so sure i'm not living in the present, definitely know that i've given up the past...that leaves me with the future...can one actually live in the future???

4. I was very good here, i threw all my very crap-why-is-it-still-in-my-room-and-how-could-i-have-bought-it books, all two very heavy boxes of it. There was a bit of an outcry amongst my girls, seems i'm not the only chick-lit junkie out there...make that ex-chick lit junkie. I'm somewhere in the middle of Dan Brown's "Angels & Demons" but it reads too much like The DaVinci Code. I need another Terry Pratchett to get me through the month.

5. Exercise *nervous cough* Yah, well this one hasnt really gone anywhere...except yesterday, i did go and check out the local gym & their classes etc, so all that's left is to part with a bit of money and to actually go!

6. I am following through, then again, i haven't really committed myself to too many things so far :-)

7. Still stumped as to what my new skill will be, the possibilities are; Learn a new language (Japanese is pretty high on my list), Take up pole-dancing (can't find a pole, lol), cook something...*big sigh*, or knit another scarf that takes forever to finish (most likely)

I did good with my resolutions, 4/7 isn't bad. Now i should *cue Voltron theme song* Form my Blazing Sword and forge ahead!

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