Friday, February 23, 2007

Flavio & I

This flamboyant character gets in later today to literally sweep me off my feet.

Tempestuous winds and torrential downpours are his way into a girl's heart...methinks he needs to rethink that strategy.

Flavio, Cyclone Flavio to the rest of ya'll, is here for the rest of the weekend meaning i am gonna put myself under mandatory bed-rest till he leaves.

Have a great weekend everybody!


Tunga Taks said...

From what I gathered, he got u into bed right??? That and for a whole weekend, I wish I had as much stamina!

Most of the Flavios I know cannot speak a word of English!

Now that is real skill!!!!

Vimbai said...

I prefer Raul's myself...but you do get i'm talking about a cyclone right, lol

Tunga Taks said...

yes yes....

I think the picture of the cyclone tipped me off.

Vimbai said...

Just checking, hehehe :-)