Wednesday, February 21, 2007

40 days & 40 nights...Bring It!

"for dust thou art,

and into dust thou shalt return,"

Genesis 3:19

My many Cathecism teachers failed to mention the symbolism behind Ash Wednesday, coz lets face it, the Catholic Church is riddled in symbolism. So here's a mini-breakdown of the whole thing

The whole point of the day: Ash Wednesday is the day for being reminded of and contemplating our mortality;

What the Ashes mean: Ashes are a biblical symbol of mourning and penance.

Why are they placed on your forehead: a mark on a person’s forehead indicates his ownership. The mark of cross on the forehead is a symbol of the person’s belonging to Jesus Christ.

Back in the days Shrove Tuesday aka Pancake Tuesday, was my favourite pre-Lent day (for obvious reasons). But only after questioning...and understanding the symbolism behind the day kinda makes me appreciate what the day stands for. No matter what your faith in these rather material times we live in, its always good to be humbled and encouraged to be more self-less

Most people think of the period to come as a day of giving up something, why not think about it as a day of adding something...adding more Love in the world, adding more character, adding more effort into who we are.

Later people


Anonymous said...

Angel on earth you are!

I am giving up sex - tee hee


The Tung said...

I just came across Ur blog.


I gave up coffee and energy drinks!

Vimbai said...

Wazzie: Good luck with that *snigger snigger*

The Tung: Thanks for dropping by, come back anytime. Giving up coffee...oooh, someones gonna be cranky for a bit, lol.