Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Life's Wake-up Call...

"Life is but a walking shadow

a poor player,

that struts and frets his hour upon the stage,

and then is heard no more..."

William Shakespeare

My mood this afternoon is sombre...very, very sombre. A colleague of mine from work has just been diagnosed with terminal brain! That's it, young man in his prime cut off, just like that. I keep thinking, "why him?" just doesn't seem fair, very little seems fair these days. Everything that seemed to matter today, all the petty stresses of life seem to pale in comparison to this news, it brings everything into perspective. Makes me question whether i'm using the time i have right now to the best of my ability, makes me question whether i'm doing what i want to do as opposed to what i can or have to do. Human beings are the most self-involved, arrogant creatures...we operate as tho there is no tommorrow! Unlike Scrooge in A Christmas Carol, we don't get someone pointing out the how our actions in the past, reflect in the present & ultimately form the future.

Most of us won't get a second chance..this is it people, make it memorable!


Jomo said... is cruel, all one can do is leave behind their footprint on the world. Make the most of every situation! Luv the blog Vimbai!

Lebogang said...

That's terrible news - I'm so sorry. Coincidentally, I also found out last Wednesday that one of my director's is in a similar situation. His wife is also dying of cancer. To think that he comes to work each day and deals with our b-s**t, then has to go home to a dying wife and 2 young children when the rest of us go off to care-free lives... Life is not fair at all - and you never know what other people are dealing with, so we should always try to be considerate and sensitive, I guess.