Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Just a Thought: Waiting Rooms

If you weren't sick before you to the doctor's you will be by the time you see him/her....everyone in the waiting room seems to be contagious! I spend half the time praying that nobody takes the seat next to me, i'm fine with whatever i've got without complicating it with whatever the other person's got!

And what's up with the reading material found in these waiting rooms? Today i witnessed a hilarious sight, there was a priest there awaiting a consultation with the good doctor and clearly he too got bored of waiting coz he casually reached out for something to read. He bypassed the copies of Farmer's Weekly, Newsweek and even Time to pick up....Vogue! I flipped through my copy of Heat while watching all this with a lot of amusement, anywho, 2mins hadn't even got by before he promptly put down the Vogue as though it was a piece of searing hot coal and picked up the Newsweek (he had previously overlooked). I then oh-so-casually picked up the Vogue and flipped through the various pictures wondering what could have distressed our resident Padre...i made the mistake of looking at the magazine as i would, nothing alarming to report. Then i thought to myself, "Vimbai, you are doing this all wrong, look at the magazine like you are a celibate middle-aged man who is totally unfamiliar with the female anatomy." Well, when you put it like that, wow.....everything looked provocative! Why was the Estee Lauder chick wearing sheer fabric, why did the Jean Paul Gaultier Model look like a dominatrix, and wasn't that pose a little...umm...suggestive (and this is all before i got to the table of contents...hehehe).

Another thing i noticed was the music being played in the background, possibly to encourage some semblance of tranquility in the otherwise packed waiting room. Unlike the usual choice of Kenny G, Pipped Dreams or Vivaldi...we had some pretty mainstream beats to keep us company. There was a soothing rendition of "Waiting in Vain" that i found quite ironic, then Billy Joel's 90's hit, "River of Dreams"...but when the likes of Pink's 'Get the party started" and Black-eyed Peas "Shut up" made their appearance, the elder members of the waiting room (that's like 75% of the room) started looking antsy.

I would have loved to continue people watching, but what do you know, i was next in line to see the good doctor.

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