Tuesday, January 02, 2007

If my life's for rent....

...And i don't let to buy.

Well i deserve nothing more than i get.

Coz nothing i have is really mine!

Today's musings come courtesy of Dido's wise words that were played at top volume on the way to work this morning! I realised that since it was the beginning of a beautiful new year, oh-so filled with promise that i should come up with some resolutions and actually see them through! I was pretty good last year in keeping and fulfilling at least 2/3's of the things i said i would. So this year, i can step-up the tempo a notch.

Find below a list of some of the things i resolve on doing this coming year (quite a few resolutions have been omitted to protect the guilty - "moi")

  1. I need to stop swearing! I have no idea when my potty-mouthiness (sp) got to this severe degree and now i find myself unable to articulate my thoughts without throwing in some &^%* or @$#*. These words will be replaced by the expression..."Oh crumbs".

  2. I need to learn to be more methodical in my approach to work, projects or any general task. I always have a million things to do at any one given time and find myself trying to do all these things concurrently! Of course, a lot of tasks & ideas are left half-finished & unrealised and this clearly needs to stop. Tools to aid me; A jotter (to get everything down & then prioritise), a diary (to schedule things to do & lots of self-control.

  3. Living in the present; sometimes i find i'm so caught up on the future or the past that i never really get to enjoy the "here and now"...basically, i need to slow down and take it all in.

  4. To broaden my literary tastes, it's way too easy to read some chick-lit fluff, but alas, its not value adding...now this doesnt mean my chick-lit collection is being hauled outta the window, nah, all it means is that i broaden my reading tastes.

  5. Exercise...this is more like a daily resolution, we all start with good intentions but somewhere along the way, lose sight of this particular goal.

  6. I need to follow through on things i commit myself too, after all, all we really have is our word.

  7. Learn a new skill! Last year's skill was knitting, nothing makes me prouder than when i look at my lovely purple and green (strange colours, but i love it all the same) scarf that took ages to finish...but i did it. This year's skill will have something to do with the culinary realm.

Mmmmmh, that's all i can think of right now, but i'm guessing i will pick up more along the course of the year.

Feel free to share your resolutions :-)


Takunda said...

"oh crumbs",lol, you should make a resolution not to utter such in public!glad to see the chick lit is taking a back seat.happy new year-and all the best for 2007

Lebogang said...

I'm not big on resolutions, but I do have one for this year which is similar to your last resolution: I'm going to learn how to cook Chinese food and use chopsticks properly :-) I have no idea how I'm going to do this (short of buying a book at Exclusives and teaching myself), but it shall be done...