Wednesday, December 06, 2006


So i have this huge 4hr exam this Saturday (hence the lack of blogging posts) and i feel absolutely CLUELESS!!!! Clearly, not wanting to dwell on frustating topics such as exams-i-havent-really-studied-for led me down a path of nostalgia. My favourite teeny-boppy movie back in the 90's was without a doubt, hands down CLUELESS!!!

I had this absolutely cute Clueless jpeg but Blogger is being difficult so i'll update it another day! Anywho, now Clueless is based on one of my favourite books by Jane Austen, "Emma" so when i watched this flick it was love at first sight! Back then listening to the dialogue was a carthatic experience, all the slang sounded new, who could forget the abuse of the word "Whatever".

Yes, it wasn't the deepest flick on the earth, but it was and still is one of my most entertaining!

To access the complete script, just click on

But here are a few of my favourite quotes:

Cher: Here's where Dionne lives. She's my friend because we both know what it's like to have people be jealous of us.

Cher V.O.: I don't know why Dionne is going out with a high school boy. They're like dogs. You have to clean them and feed them and they're just like these nervous creatures that jump and slobber all over you.

Amber: Mr. Hall, how can I answer that? The topic is Haiti and she's talking about some little party.

Dionne: Uh, no, Miss Stoeger? I have a note from my tennis instructor, and he would prefer it if I didn't expose myself to any training that might derail his teachings.

MURRAY (to Dionne)
Woman, lend me five dollars.
Murray, I have asked you repeatedly not to call me Woman!
Excuse me, Miss Dionne.
Thank you.
OK, but street slang is an increasingly valid form of expression. Most of the feminine pronouns do have mocking, but not necessarily in a misogynistic undertone.

Mel, I wanna help out Mel. He's the only one who cares about me.
That's not true.
He's not? Are you saying you care about me?

Okay there are so many others, but i'm too lazy to look through the entire script...enough procrastinating, i'm gonna go!

Wish me luck for my exam *eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek*


Anonymous said...

come on ya caaa been at yablog alotta lotta tymes and nufink innit? w

Anonymous said...

come on ya lazy caaa been at yablog alotta lotta tymes and nufink innit? w