Thursday, November 23, 2006

Things to be Thankful for!

Today people across the States are off from work (lucky buggers) and are celebrating Thanksgiving. Personally I wouldn’t endorse a day that in part celebrates how the pilgrims took advantage of the Native American Indians and basically moved them off their land (that’s a discussion for another day!)…it’s the other part that I support, the whole spirit of giving thanks for what is good in our lives, no matter how small.

One day of the year shouldn’t be dedicated to giving thanks, every day of the year should be (Lord knows, I could do with all the extra holiday time myself…lol)

So here is a list of things that I am thankful for;

1. My family, the craziest bunch of people hovering the planet with whom I share DNA with. Love them all, even when they do drive me up the wall, which happens often.

2. The Ladies of the Forum whom provide me with jokes, support when times are tough, interesting things to think about and just general skraalness!

3. Email & Internet; Two technologies that I abuse and would be lost with them. Email for letting me keep in touch with loved ones scattered across the globe and Internet for feeding my never-ending quench for knowledge and information.

4. Good health…taken for granted when you have it, sadly missed when you don’t.

5. Google search engine (refer to point 3)

6. Dessert….there is no comfort food quite like dessert, be it a big ole bowl of ice-cream, a huge slice of Black Forest Gateau or just some old fashioned apple crumble with custard!

7. Dusk; my favourite time of the day, when the sun is setting and life slows down a bit & lets you take it all in.

8. Music, my constant companion!. Music gets me up in the morning, music gets me through the day, she adapts and conforms to my many moods and at night, she puts me to sleep….

9. Ear buds…very random thing to be thankful for, but I am all the same.

10. Fast food; I’m no take-away junkie, but once in a while going out and ordering from the greasiest, artery-clogging fast food joint has to be done.

11. Rainy weather; it’s not only good for earth and all that jazz but symbolically represents some sort of ritual cleansing! Doesn’t everything look that much better after the rain.

12. Cellphones; sometimes intrusive and lets face it, we all don’t want to found all the time. But for practical reasons, they are just the niffiest gadgets on earth. Definitely up there with Email and the Net.

13. Kitty cats…I love these feline creatures, they are so graceful, so well put together, so independent. No matter how civil one is, make no mistake, these animals can never be fully tamed.

14. Reality shows; not only do they help pass the time, but I think they help display the not-so attractive qualities of human beings and make us realise as a people that we gotta do something about that!

15. Mmmmmmmh, I thankful for the time you’ve taken out to read this long, rather random list…and would be most thankful if you left a comment and told me what you are most thankful for J


Takunda said...

what can i say, im thankful for everything you put on your list, esp email, the internet &google&youtube&myspace,dusk(look out for my book of sunsets) and music.oh one more thing that unfortuantely you were Ineligible for,(and at one stage disenfranchised too)Im thankful for being a man.

sunshine said...

i am definetly thankful for technology-ipod, camera, laptop, cellphone, email...i figure i'd be lonely without, but then again i sometimes feel lonely with it...

Ohh yes definetly the MUSIC :)

no.16 - i'm thankful for the gift of life

Anonymous said...

I am thankful for the capacity to love over and over again with abandon and not become jaded regardless of past experiences

Anonymous said...

I'm definitely thankful for music. Also, double-ply toilet paper. It seems like a little, insignificant thing - but I think it's definitely something to be thankful for.