Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Singing in the Rain

The summer rain has come and not a moment too soon, the heat was bordering on unbearable. I'm a HUGE fan of rain...preferably when i'm snuggled under the covers reading a good book, not when trying to make a mad dash to the car without getting my hair wet. Rain means different things to different people eg It could signal a good crop season, or a new beginning, an excuse to stay home, or just an excuse to get it on *snigger snigger* This got me onto thinking about how rain has been immortalised in song. Listed below, are a few artists that sing about the weather...rain to be exact. I know i've left out a few, so feel free to add your own;

1. Gene Kelly "Singing in the Rain"

2. Madonna "Rain"

3. Dru Hill "April Showers"

4. Millie Vanilli "Blame it on the Rain"

5. Soul 4 Real "Candy Rain"

6. Ella Fitzgerald "Come Rain, Come Shine"

7. Garbage "I'm only happy when it rains"

8. Billy Myers "Kiss the Rain"

9. SWV "Rain Down on Me"

10. Missy Eliot "I can't stand the rain"

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Lebogang said...

I must admit that I'm with Missy (I can't stand the rain). But I do have a few weather-related songs to add to the list:
11. Bob James - Storm Warning
12. Peabo Bryson - Can You Stop The Rain?
13. New Edition - Can you stand the rain?
14. And, last but not least, the good old classic - "It's Raining Men"! I'm not sure who sang the original though :-)
Okay, this list makes me seem rather ancient. Maybe I need to start listening to some younger music:-)