Monday, October 09, 2006

Lady of Leisure...or not?

Every once in a while a girl has to be selfish...and that was what i was this weekend. I was long overdue some good old fashioned pampering so went all out with a spa and beauty treatment!

While in the throes of a life-changing neck and back massage i began to imagine the perks of being a "Lady of Leisure". Instead of getting the odd bit of pampering when a space in your hectic schedule cleared up (or when funds were available), you'd be entitled to such indulgences on a weekly...dare i say it...daily basis *sigh* what bliss. But the life of a Lady of Leisure can't be all its cracked up to be...i've seen those desperate housewives, both on the same titled tv show & in my own neighbourhood. Honestly, don't they get bored??? And more importantly....isnt the term "Lady of Leisure" a euphemism for being a "Kept Woman", and honestly, the only thing you should "keep" are domestic pets.

I concluded, once the masseuse had worked out a rather painful kink in my neck, that i'd rather earn such "indulgences" the good, old fashioned way thank you very much.

After all, "I'm worth it" ;-)


Wombat said...

Of course you're worth it.

Anonymous said...

Ah Vimsy but the life of a Lady of Leisure is also busy and demanding and you do earn that well deserved pampering! Imagine you have to cart brats around to and from school and aftercare, fit in that manicure, personal trainer session, hairdressers, shopping and lunch with the girls and still make sure you have enough time to get home, make sure that dinner is perfect the man and most importantly find enough energy to shag the living daylights out of him! Very hard esp when he is as ugly as sin!! LOL

Vimbai said...

Wombat: Flattery will get you everywhere!

Wazzie: Ugly as sin *shudder shudder* I just couldnt do it!

Anita said...

Everyone deserves a little TLC sometimes! So well done - you deserve it. Hope it was worth it and got rid of all the stresses of life! Thinking of you!