Monday, September 11, 2006


A friend and i were having a long conversation about nothing really, that is, until we got to the subject of vices... I was asking them what they considered their vices. Not surprisingly, a lot of umm'ing and ahhh'ing followed by questions like "define a vice"...the usual avoiding of the topic. So i volunteered to go first.... Before i began though, we had to define what a vice was! According to (i spend way too much time on this website) these are the following definitions of a vice:-

i) a bad habit
ii) a fault, defect, or shortcoming
iii) an immoral or evil habit or practice (a little harsh)

Now, you are all probably familiar with the traditional 7 vices, also known as the 7 Seven Deadly Sins which were made famous by Brad Pitt in the movie appropriately named, "Seven". (Ironically this may be the only Brad Pitt movie i didnt watch coz i am very squeamish!). They were; Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride.

So in a bid to join the "Confessional Age" and air my dirty laundry, i'm gonna countdown what i personally consider my Vices. I encourage you to holla back with what you consider your own vices!

Vice 1: Biting my nails, yes it's a very tame vice, but one i've been battling with for ages.

Vice 2: Reading trashy, romance novels...LOL! I blame boarding school for ever letting me near a Mills and Boon, i'm addicted to them and their frivilous story-lines..especially the leading men with unbelievable names like "Hunter" and "Hawk"!

Vice 3: I love Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen movies...they are useless, full of air, but that hasnt stopped me from renting every single one of their movies to date.

Vice 4: I always sleep with my makeup on, yes i know what the beauty experts have to say about that, but honestly...i couldn't be bothered.

Vice 5: I'm kinda bad with keeping time...usually the time i have to be somewhere by, is the time i'm leaving the house. The irony is i HATE people being late to whatever meetings i've arranged!

Vice 6: I enjoy eating raw pasta, ie, when it's hard and crackly in the packet. It's probably bad for you, but once again...i can't be bothered!

Vice 7: Listening to "Top 40" type hits! Everyone is always trying to find the latest "underground" artist to listen to, while i love the commercial, bubblegum pop groups, boy bands or solo artist the music industry is spewing out at an exponential rate!

I made a brief google search and came across some hilarious sites that tie in with today's blog them. Go to...

1) This site lists some hilarious vices such as; sleeping with my ex, farting in enclosed spaces, chronic masturbation & drunk dialling but to mention a few.

2) This site has a more sober view on bad habits...but still mentions vices such as; being a 'Peeping Tom', forwarding emails, slicing golf balls(????)

3) This blog is aptly named, "The 10 Habits of Highly Annoying Bloggers"...enuff said!


Anita said...

Hey Vim
Nice changes to your site! You might want to add to the vices - blogging about all my vices and spending too much time on my blog re-design! ;) - just kidding!

Hope you had a great weekend!

Vimbai said...

Touche pussy cat!

I love my blog...i'm not ashamed, everyone must have a hobby :P

Heartwarmer said...

chronic masturbation? Hee hee nothing evil in that. No bad habit there...right!
Hee hee heee.

Lets see, I use far too many f, d, v, c, and p words these days...especially when...cursing in general.

engaging in 'sexual acts'- very bad indeed.
what I call loving too much and too many.
It's a long list vimbai.