Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I got punk'd today, sadly Ashton Kutcher was nowhere in sight when it happened...but i was still pretty peeved!

What happened was a friend of mine "supposedly" got an email from his friend in SA to say that JayZ had cancelled his SA tour. When i heard this, i can honestly say my heart sank :-( I mean, why would he cancel his SA tour and go to the rest....i then went on to blame Rhianna, coz she already has a history of cancelling last minute on SA tours. In my disbelief i visited all the major entertainment sites and found NOTHING, ZIP, ZERO, NADA... Only for my friend to get back to me to say his friend had been lying all along!

It was so not cool!


Anonymous said...

silly moo!!


Wombat said...

I hate it when that happens!

Vimbai said...

I feel so honoured! THE wombat has graced my blog and left me a note. Lord knows how many i've left on his *grinning like the chesire cat*

Wombat said...

Oh, that's nice, I'm a cat fancier.

Do you purr?

Vimbai said...

In a past life i was an Egyptian cat...adored and worshipped by all!

I fancy myself a cross between an alluring siamese & a playful tabby cat.

Wombat said...

Now there's a nice combination. Adored and worshipped!

Oh, and the tabby/siamese combo would be neat too.