Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Career Wishlist

Do you ever think of what job you'd rather be doing than the one you're doing at this particular moment? Of late, i find myself drifting off into some daydream or the other about what profession i'd rather have...this usually happens after watching the Rise & Rise of somebody on E!. Ironically, i'm not that dissatisfied with my current job, truth be told i really like it and find it challenges me in many ways. However, now and again, i find myself musing about what i would be doing if money, talent and opportunity were not an issue, so listed below (in no particular order) is my list of dream professions;

  1. A lounge singer...think sultry, velvet clad siren crooning some Ella Fitzgerald hit or belting out the chorus to Aretha's "R-E-S-P-E-C-T".
  2. Marine biologist: Yup, rather random and not all that popular after Steve Irwin's tragic demise, but swimming with the fishies has always fascinated me.
  3. Fashion Designer: Think more Stella McCartney and less John Galliano, the Parisien runways wouldn't know what would have hit them!
  4. Magazine Editor: Thankfully, i get to live this particular profession as a co-editor in chief of my firm's magazine. Still find it lots of fun, given the excruciating attention to detail one must have.
  5. Actress: Forget Halle and Nia, i am the next best thing...I've got my Oscar acceptance speech ready, lol.
  6. Renowned Novelist: Oprah would place me at the top of her booklist, ka-ching!
  7. Masseuse: Not a dodgy masseuse either, tsk tsk. I've got healing hands...well so i've been told.
  8. Media Mogul: I would run this amazing empire that would include a production company, fashion empire, airline franchise, hotel franchise and a record label.
  9. Property Mogul: With Donald Trumps business savvy and Pam Goldings experience, i would literally own the world!
  10. "It Girl": What exactly does Paris Hilton get paid for, coz she has the easiest "job" in the world!
  11. Artist: Pottery, sculpting, life-drawing, still-life, design, you name it...i would be able to do it.

I'm gonna make this blog a little more interactive and ask what y'all would be if money, talent and opportunity were not obstacles....i dare ya!


Anonymous said...

a lady of leisure - I was born to do it and I know I would be the best there ever was!!!
Waz ere!

Vimbai said...

Why does that not surprise me Wazzie...hehe. If anyone was born for the role of "Lady of Leisure" it was you my darling!

Star said...

Ditto to the Lady of Leisure!! Could also do Restauranteur and Junior School teacher (thats if they paid me what I wanted though!)

Heartwarmer said...

An author. Just sit and write one book after the other.

Or a tennis player.

Mmmmm, jewellery designer - always dreamt of doing that.

An academic...anthropology...philosophy...

A scientist.

A social worker.

Just bumped into your blog. Liking it.

Vimbai said...

Welcome Heartwarmer! Feel free to peruse my blog :-)

I've also thought of being a jewellery designer, Cartier & Tiffany better watch out!

If i ever became a tennis player, i would be more an Anna Kourikova type that a Maria Sharapova (ie, not that great a tennis player but getting huge endorsements all the same!)