Friday, September 01, 2006

Breathe Again

This was meant to be yesterday's blog but work was kinda crazy.

Yesterday i decided to sport my new totally-in-vogue leather corset belt to work and if i may say so myself, i was truly styling! Its similar to the one in the pic on the far right, but i wore it over a crisp white shirt. What the makers of this contraption forget to mention was one's inability to breath when wearing it!

Initially i couldn't get over my new 24inch waist, made me feel like Lana Turner or Ava Gardner from those TCM flicks...but after having a few dizzy spells & feeling plain uncomfortable, it seems the euphoria was truly short-lived! I do not envy Victorian dames at all. Lets just say, after scoffing myself silly at lunch time, all thoughts of wearing the belt were abandoned.

Fashion truly knows no pain!

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