Thursday, August 03, 2006

You can ring my bell!

I don't think Alexander Graham Bell fully realised what he was on to when he invented the telephone back in 1876! For most of us, the telephone is not only a mode for communication...its a freaking lifeline! Take today for example...all phones where down in the office (since yesterday by the way) meaning that i now had to the adjacent department when previously all it took was a quick call. It didnt help that some of us don't have contract lines for our cellphones and use our airtime oh-so sparingly, so general communication ground to halt. Short of sending telepathic messages or better yet, smoke signals (honestly, the thought did cross my mind) i was at my wits end. What the heck did people do before the telephone?

Before i had to ponder this thought further (and waste time was that fully chargeable), presto, the phones started working!

So Mr Bell, i salute you and your before-your-time vision!

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