Friday, July 14, 2006

Things i've learnt from TI

Today's blog inspiration came from none other than TI. Having had certain songs of his playing on repeat in my car to and from work, its no surprise that i have absorbed vast amounts of knowledge (good and bad alike) from straight-up lyrics :-)

I am not always a fan of his sexist & mysgonistic content-type rhymes, but i believe in seeking knowledge and wisdom from all scenarios & situations.

So with no further ado, i present to you some pearl's of wisdom i noted from TI's "Why you wanna" song;

Pearl No.1: "In a relationship been faithful to a nigga so whack"
Translation: Don't waste your time with someone who isn't worthy of your attention, ie UPGRADE!

Pearl No.2: "How the same thing making you sad, making you stay?"
Translation: Life's too short to be stuck in a situation that ain't making you happy, GET OUT!

Pearl No. 3: "Life is like a chess move, you need to make your next move, your best move."

Translation: Continual self-improvement is the way forward!

Pearl No. 4: "Go and tell a nigga no, wit a ass so fat, now why you wanna go and do that?"

Translation: Don't hide your light under a bushel, lol!

Pearl No. 5: "Is you happy?"

Translation: No explanation needed, enuff said!

That's all i got for you today folks! Have yourselves a very good weekend and keep safe!


Kumbs said...

Ofcourse it just had to be TI....I am feeling him too Vim!.....In other words.." I concur!!"

shingi said...

As much as I despise TI and his dirty south counterparts I have to say I enjoyed the pearls of wisdom you shared :)

The Gwai said...

Indeed! :-)