Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Stuff of Dreams

Part of today’s blog is gonna be dedicated to none other than the Italian Stallion himself…and my future baby daddy Fabio Cannavaro, lol. After last nites impressive match against Germany, okay Germany wasn’t playing all that well but that’s besides the point, my boy has proved he is indeed ‘the strongest link’.

Okay onto more random stuff. My question for the day is, “How can we dream about people we’ve never met before?” I’m sure our sub-conscious plays some part in this, so people who we get mere fleeting glimpses of whether in the street, in a magazine or on TV start making full-on guest appearances in your dreams. I’m sure there’s more to it than that. Take one of my dreams last nite, I was somewhere in Germany waiting for some World Cup game to start (don’t ask…believe me, dreaming about the World Cup worries me too) and found my self being “chatted up” by some stranger…honestly if I’d seen this person before I’d have remembered. Most of the time I know why I dream about certain things coz it usually relates to something I’ve seen, thought, heard or talked about during the course of the day.

That’s enough philosophising from me, enjoy the rest of your day.

My song of the day: “Sand in my Shoes” - Dido

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