Monday, July 17, 2006

Blondes Have More Fun!

I decided to test the theory that Blondes have more fun by taking a bold step and getting a blondish weave (think Beyonce's short do in the "Me, myself and I" video). For those of you not familiar with what a weave is, it involves attaching hair pieces/extensions to your own hair. It's not as gory as the concept implies.

Anyhoo, it came out great...much to my relief and i must admit from the great fun that i had this past weekend that Blondes definitely have way more fun than their brunette counterparts, lol. I'll take a pic and post it on the blog as proof!

As to the details of the weekend i had. Friday nite was a complete write-off, everyone got their signals crossed which ultimately resulted in me losing patience and falling asleep. Saturday was all about pampering! After emerging from the salon sporting my new do i quickly started making plans for a big nite out. Unfortunately, most of the usual suspects where still recovering from Friday nite and i was starting to get upset that it would be another early nite.

At the nth hour a few of my friends came through and we proceeded to have a pretty good nite out. We started off at a friend's apartment where i had a little too much Amarula, then the Italian Bakery (IB's) for more drinks with friends, then off to a food court in town where we witnessed a rather distressing display of domestic violence (basically man sees wife out with other man-->lots of kicking and screaming follows), then ended up at Glow..a club that us undergone so many name changes but the interior remains the same. A lot of dancing was had, got to whip out my MTV-base type moves, which involved a lot of heels kept getting stuck in the floorboards and ruining all my well choreographed moves, lol.

Sunday was way more low-key had lunch and coffee with friends, was definitely a great end to a great weekend.


tj said...

show us photos!

The Gwai said...

A most delightful narration of one's weekend. One can't help but see the undulations and well, alittle je ne ce croix :-). Now, as for the whole blonde thing, we are into day six, you need to break it down some more. When one says one has more fun, does one reffer to the feel good factor or is there more too it? One looks forward to todays posting :-).