Tuesday, June 20, 2006

World Cup Soccer Fever!!!!

For whatever reason, i've totally missed out on the World Cup Soccer Fever bug! That was not the case back in 2002, i was a staunch supporter of Senegal and Brazil (who conveniently went to win the event). This time round, i'm more likely to be found watching Laguna Beach re-runs before moving to the sports channels. Most of the hype hasn't been completely lost on me...the hype coming in the delectable form of a certain Fabio Cannavaro....phwoar! Take a look for urself if you don't believe me.


Anonymous said...

where is your photo picture?

Anita said...

Welcome to the world of blogging....hope you will keep us up to date on the happenings of your life!

Anonymous said...

The malboro man!! The death of real men is a sad thing... I TOTALLY agree with you Vim! Dont get me wrong,I am all for taking a bath once in a while, but what has happened to the guys who enjoyed the smell of their own flatulence and the taste of beer... I was shocked to read an article where they said that 35% of males between 22-35 in New york have admitted to wearing various levels of make-up! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!

For shit's sake guys!! You go to a bar now and males are drinking mineral water and shandy! We need to get our act together!!

I have a lot of self-proclaimed "metro" friends and i have voiced my concern... I am glad to see that the ladies out there are just as concerned as I am..


"The last of a dying breed"