Thursday, June 22, 2006

Post-Winter Solstice Blues

Ever had that feeling right before you get outta bed, somewhere between the moment you are fully conscious & the last remnants of your REM cycle, that today is not gonna be a good day....i had that feeling first thing this morning. It's like the lyrics from that Phantom Planet song, "I could tell from the moment i woke up its gonna be a lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely day." Then again you could argue that its only 9.30am & i have yet to have my first cuppa coffee so it's a bit too early to judge the world through the-glass-is-half-empty eyes. The days hasnt been a total write-off, i did wake up and realise that my lil' sis is home from uni in Oz! Its always great to have her home, not only does she tilt the oestrogen balance in the house to our favour, but she's a laugh a minute. Literally 15mins after she jumped off the plane last nite she was bombarding us with random medical facts, just think, another 4yrs and we've a doctor in the house. Okay, i'm gonna get that much needed dose of caffeine (creme & 2 sugars just in case you're asking) & listen to a little Katie Melua. Have a sunshiny day :-)

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Anonymous said...

Hey Vimsy
Mosiquito singer here - love the blog thingy majiggy - nice way to see the other side of you on daily basis!
Well my dear I woke up from a sleepless nite and new today was gonna be horrendous! And its getting worse - will fill you in tomorrow - have thrown in the towel on life here for a few days and am coming to your side of things.