Thursday, June 29, 2006

Hard Day's Night

Like the Beatle's song goes, "Its been a Hard Day's Night, and i've been working like a dog." This week, workwise that is, it's "a danger!". I've been seeing fires, very early mornings (at work by 6.45am) and very late evenings. Honestly, this weekend is all about catching up on my zzz's. At least i am not alone, i have others suffering with me :-)

Am catching up on some office gossip by the coffee-maker, scandal scandal scandal. It seems the whole favouritism thing has been nipped in the bud! About bloody time, honestly, it was getting a bit much...being passed over for the cool assigments was just not cool. So once again, justice is served and all is well in the world...well for now anyway.

Irritating song stuck in my head this morning: PCD's "Push my Buttons" *arrggh*

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DKM said...

I like the beatles pic...