Friday, June 23, 2006

Full Deck of Cards

Hoza Friday! The weekend is upon us, Amen! I'll be the first to admit that it hasnt been the most taxing week on earth but at least i get to lie-in tomorrow morning :-)

Weekend plans...none as yet, but this is how it usually goes, the calm before the storm. On the plus side my other sister is home for the weekend, so it's a full house which should be very interesting. Hope you have a safe & fun-filled weekend.


Anita said...

I hear you about Friday! It has been a very long week, looking forward to the much needed weekend!

Anyway, enjoy yours.

Spiwie said...

He he vim. Brilliant idea - the blog that is. Nways, Cape weather is grey and gloomy which makes the weekend more ....(cant find a word but something to the tune of more enjoyable indoors...or something like that). Enjoy!